Being organized gives you the gift of time. I do believe this and have seen how being organized not only saves you time, also saves you less stress and frustration.

Deana Hart

I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and when I was working in the fashion/retail world, I found that I would organize the inventory of products, displays, the store and back room, to make things easier for all employees. This helped serve the customers better because we weren’t spending a lot of time looking for the merchandise that was scattered all over the back room.

Moving into the corporate business world for the last 15 years and moved into an outside sales rep position doing business to business sales, I realized that I needed to have a good organized system for all the marketing material I was responsible for. I set up an easy, efficient organized system in my car that allowed me to have my marketing material accessible to deliver to the businesses I was calling on. As an outside sales rep you find that your car becomes your office in a sense.

I decided to leave the sales industry and open by own organizing business D-Clutter to do what I love and believe in. So I guess you can say one of my specialties is to organize your car. Along with organizing the home or business office, helping realtors with their clients to declutter their home to sell quickly and helping seniors down size. I have the compassion to help seniors with all their meaningful valuables that they have keep for years.

I love helping people and enjoy seeing the happiness people get when they discover they are organized and that their life will become easier with less stress attached. As I mentioned in a previous page, when life seems out of control getting organized is one way of regaining control.

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